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A Borderman's Pledge

I will not Disgrace the Borderman's Arms, nor Abandon the Comrade, who stands at my side.

Whether alone or with many, I will defend every thing that my Country holds sacred.

BSF Academy, where training consciousness is a way of life and nestled amidst the serene, calm environment of Tekanpur on NH 75, is located 32 km away from the land of legendary music maestro-Tansen, Gwalior. It is spread over an area of 2923 acres, which includes 643 acres of lake.

The birth of Academy was the foresight of Sh K F Rustam Ji, IPS, the founding father of BSF, who found that Tekanpur and its surroundings offered an ideal setting for the Premier Training Institute of BSF, where trainee Officers and Sub Inspectors could be trained to imbibe the essential qualities of leadership and professionalism.

Through his foresight, the BSF Academy came into being in Feb 1966 as BSF Training Centre & School. On 21st Nov 1966 it was renamed as the BSF Academy.

The surroundings of the Academy provide an ideal ambience for the training of the men to evolve into a perfect Bordermen who will work as a sentinel guarding the border during peacetime and transform himself into a determined soldier during war. One can witness the harmonious blend of time tested traditional methods of training and state of art technology in the training at the Academy.

This Alma Mater of the bordermen is engaged in conducting both basic as well as in-service training for a broad spectrum of BSF leadership and occupies a proud place among all the training institutions of the country. The MHA has rightfully declared it as �Centre of Excellence�.


The vision of the Academy is to make it an Elite Training Institution in the field of Border Security, Border Management, Counter Insurgency Operations and Human Resource Development.


Its mission is to conduct basic training for Officers and Sub Inspectors. Also conduct In-Service Courses for Commanders and Staff Officers at all levels to make them efficient leaders and commanders enabling them to carry out assigned role and task both during peace and war situations.


  • To make BSF Academy & other training establishments located at Tekanpur as Centers of Excellence.
  • To make Academy a think tank and academic center for Border Management, Counter-Insurgency, Internal Security, Strategic Planning & Management.
  • To establish R & D base and redesign tactical & strategical concepts related to Border Management.
  • To train professionally competent, motivated commanders at all levels, capable of handling ground level problems and lead troops to success utilising available resources.
  • To become a prime mover in areas of HRD, TQM, Resettlement and Rehabilitation.
  • To act as a study center of Jiwaji University, Gwalior on Border Management.