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Welfare Activities



Family Welfare Centre has an important place in the life of any force and the BSF Academy is no exception to it . Family Welfare Center at BSF Academy Tekanpur was established on 21 August 1971 on the initiation of Brig B C Pandey, the founder , Director of the BSf A cademy,with a sacred aim of encouraging the wives of border men to come out of their seclusion and join the mainstream of social and progressive life . Here these women are encouraged to take up traditional skills for employment and small-scale enterprise and in return this provides additional source of income to their families. Family welfare center at Academy is a part of Administrative Wing,headed by Chief Administrative Officer and is privileged to have Deputy Director of the Academy as its Patron. The Family Welfare Centre at the BSF Academy is being run under the aegis of BWWA BSF Academy . The BWWA BSF Academy was registered under the society Registration Act,1973 of MP Government at Gwalior on 11 Sept 2012.


The aim of establishing Family Welfare Centre in BSF Academy is to provide employment to the ladies & widows, provide additional source of income to the families of troops, to develop skills in ladies for employment and small scale enterprises and to provide stitched uniforms to the troops.


The present day organisation of the BWWA BSF Academy is as under :-

Smt.Renu Sharma  President
Smt. Neelima Sharma Vice President
Smt. Laxmi Rathore Secretary
 Smt. Shailja Dube Joint Secretary
Smt. Archna Pratap Singh Treasurer
Smt.Ritu Rathore Treasurer
Smt. Simrat Garcha Member
Smt. Madhuri Tambe Member
Smt. RekhaTiwari Member

In addition to the above organisation, there are 08 Sub-Committees of BWWA Academy who look and monitor the matters of general welfare such as medical facilities for troops and families, OR’s guest houses, vocational training for children & women, Ankur play school, education facility for BSF children, welfare of troops and their families, printing of BWWA magazines and organizing cultural activities for families of troops.


VOCATIONAL TRAINING – BWWA BSF Academy is organizing various types of vocational courses for the wives, children and widows of the BSF personnel in the Family Welfare Centre of the Academy. Some of the vocational courses run in FWC Academy are:-

Stitching of Uniforms Course

Beauty Parlor Course

Artificial Jewellery Course

Hand Embroidery Course

Yoga Course

BWWA PROJECTS:The BWWA BSF Academy has established various projects for welfare of lady wives, children and widows of BSF. These projects are:-

BWWA Beauty Parlor

BWWA BSF Academy is running a beauty parlor in the Family Welfare Centre for lady wives and daughters of BSF troops. Smt. S Jhansi Rani wife of Constable M Shayamal of CENWOSTO is the beauty technician.

BWWA Cafeteria

BWWA BSF Academy is running a Cafeteria in the Family Welfare Centre where fresh edible things like fruit, fruit juice, cold drinks, tea, coffee, and various snacks are being sold to BSF troops and families on reasonable rates.

BWWA Stationery Shop

BWWA BSF Academy is running a Stationery shop in the Family Welfare Centre which provides all types of stationery and uniform items to all the Wings/Units of the BSF Academy and the BSF Schools at competitive rates

BWWA Prerna Shop

BWW BSF Academy is running a Prerna Shop in the BSF Academy canteen complex where all types of products prepared by BSF ladies in Family Welfare Centre are sold.

BWWA Computer Lab

A well-furnished computer lab has been established in the FWC where basic computer courses for ladies and children of BSF
troops are run with the help of staff of DC/IT BSF Academy

SUMMER CAMP - Every year BWWA BSF Academy organizes various activities for the children of BSF troops during their summer vacations of the schools. This year also the BWWA BSF Academy has proposed to organize music and dance classes, swimming and boating classes and horse riding classes for children during forthcoming summer vacations:-

MEDICAL CAMPS - BWWA BSF Academy has organized various medical camps in the Family Welfare Centre of the Academy in 2013.

Orthopedics problems in women

On 08.02.13 BWWA BSF Academy organized a lecture and check up on orthopedic diseases. Dr. R K Goyal (Ortho) delivered a lecture on orthopedic diseases and carried out medical checkup of many needy women in FWC

Common Gynecological problems

BWWA BSF Academy organized a lecture to the ladies of Academy on common gynecological problems and their remedies on 27.02.2013 in FWC. Dr. Monika Diwan MD (O&G) delivered the lecture which was attended lady wives of BSF troops and BSF widows.

Drugs De-induction Camp

On 05.03.2013 a drug deinduction camp was organized in the Composite Hospital at BSF Academy under the aegis of BWWA which was attended by troops of the Academy.

Cervical problems and breast cancer

BWWA BSF Academy organized an Interactive lecture on 07.04.2013 on cervical problems and breast cancer delivered by Dr. R K Goyal (Ortho) and Dr Monika Diwan MD (Gynecologist) followed by medical checkup in which 46 ladies got medical checkup for above problems.


International Women’s day

BWWA BSF Academy celebrated International Women’s Day in Family Welfare Centre on 08.03.2013 in which many activities like Rangoli Competition, Cookery Competition and Cultural programme were organized. Prizes were given to the winners in the activities.

International Health Day

BWWA BSF Academy celebrated International Health Day on 07.04.2013. A medical camp was organized in FWC in which lectures on Cervical problems and Breast cancer were deliver by the expert doctors and medical checkup for disease were carried out.


Visit by Secretary BWWA N/Delhi

On 10.02.2013 Smt. Alaknanda Ashok, Secretary BWWA N/Delhi visited the Family Welfare Centre of BSF Academy and interacted with the ladies of the Academy.

Visit by Director General BSF

Shri Subhash Joshi, IPS, Director General BSF visited Play School Ankur on 05.03.2013 during his visit to the BSF Academy. The Play School Ankur is being run under the aegis of BWWA BSF Academy.

Visit by Former Hon’ble Chief Justice of India

On 16.03.2013 former Honorable Chief Justice of India Shri R P Lohani visited the Play School Ankur in BSF Academy and
interacted with the children and the staff .

My Earth My Duty

The BWWA BSF Academy has proposed following programmes to be conducted in BSF
Academy with association of Zee News Ltd under My Earth My Duty Campaign during the
month of July 2013:-






Marathon run and oath ceremony on protection of environment


STC BSF Tekanpur


Discussions on environment awareness and oath ceremony on protection of environment.


Inderjit auditorium


Cultural programme by students of BSF Schools and oath ceremony on protection of environment.


BSF Public School